Phát hành firmware Popcorn Hour A500 tháng 12/2016

Ngày 21/12/2016, Popcorn Hour A500 đã có bản cập nhật firmware với hàng loạt tính năng đáng kể về mạng nội bộ, format ổ cứng và lỗi khi phát video.

Release date: 21 December 2016
Firmware version: 01-05-161214-25-POP-432-802
82.1 MB

Link tải:

  • Format bị gặp lỗi đối với ổ cứng trên 2TB
  • Khắc phục lỗi format HDD khi không có NMT sẽ không thể tự động cài đặt nguồn phát
  • Khắc phục lỗi luôn thông báo nhập tài khoản khi đăng nhập vào hệ thống mạng Samba (nội bộ)
  • Đồng bộ SDK của chip Sigma với bộ phát video và update driver của HDMI
  • Khắc phục không thể lưu tên và mật khẩu khi cài đặt truy cập trong mạng nội bộ Samba

– Added support on Full DVD Navigation
– Fixed some MKV encounter crash regression issue
– Added support for encoding auto detection on m3u and pls (ANSI, UTF16 and UTF16BE)
– Added support for encoding auto detection on lyrics (ANSI, UTF16 and UTF16BE)
– Fixed some VOBSUB entry show wrong color palette issue
– Fixed unable to show correct border color if text color is black color issue
– Fixed display wrong alpha value at some point during fading effect issue
– Fixed some SSA tag unable to apply if it appears after transform tag issue
– Added support for embedded font in MKV
– Added support for move tag in SSA or ASS
– Added support for SSA or ASS fading effect
– Fixed some ASS entry show wrong color regression
– Improved text subtitle collision handling
– Improved text rendering speed
– Fixed VOBSUB display wrong color palette regression
– Fixed some PGS entry stuck at display and unable to clear
– Fixed some DVD playback crash regression
– Improved handling on subtitle encoding auto detection (GB18030, BIG5, SJIS, EUC_KR, UTF8)
– Disabled gapless playback when channels are different
– Added support for cuesheet encoded in ANSI, UTF16 and UTF16BE playback
– Fixed crash happen when playback cue file with backslash appear in front of double apostrophe
– Fixed formatting problems for hard disk more than 2TB issue
– Fixed formatting HDD without NMT installed will not be able to auto set media destination issue
– Create 2GB swap partition if perform formatting using NMT Apps setup
– Mount NTFS with dirty-flag fix
– Fixed TV or Receiver tv modes are not updated when TV is turned on after player on issue
– Fixed some MKV has more than 32 embedded subtitles unable to show all subtitle streams issue
– Fixed some 3D SUBIDX entries unable to display issue
– Fixed some VOBSUB entries dropped issue
– Fixed some PGS entry unable to display when it has same start time as previous clear entry regression
– Fixed some MKV which has no any audio default flag encounter no audio output when start playback issue
– Fixed some ASS or SSA text subtitle overlapping and unclear issues
– Fixed BDMV filename with dot unable to detect external SUBIDX issue
– Fixed some text show incorrect color when alpha or color tag do not have H character in between and clip tag exist at the same time issue
– Fixed some audio and subtitle language code not shows as full text issue
– Added support for auto detection on ASS or SSA encoding
– Added support for M2TS subtitle track selection according to subtitle language
– Fixed certain SUBIDX and VOBSUB subtitles entry display time too long issue
– Fixed certain PGS some subtitles entry display time too long issue
– Fixed randomly encounter framework crash when playing BGM with photo slideshow issue
– Fixed audio stuttering issue during playback of BDMV or BDISO in downmix mode
– Added bookmark support for DVD
– Added external SUBIDX support for BDMV or BDISO
– Fixed choosing last audio track in MKV instead of first audio track when there is no any default flag issue
– Fixed certain MTS files show black screen when playback
– Fixed some FLAC unable to display embedded album art issue
– Improved HDMI handshake timing
– Fixed dizzy or flat effect on 3D subtitle display regression
– Fixed non-unicode SSA or ASS external subtitle follow UTF8 encoding issue
– Fixed always prompt user to login when list windows samba shares issue
– Added support for color name inside color tag in SRT and SMI
– Fixed syabas command server minor memory leaks issue
– Fixed SUBIDX and VOBSUB display wrong color palette issue
– Fixed PGS subtitle playback cause memory leaks issue
– Fixed 3D subtitles will show in wrong position when its x pos is less than 20px issue
– Fixed unable to display VOBSUB when playback with HEVC video codec issue
– Fixed MKV MVC, 4K H.264 playback regression issues
– Changed GB2312 to GB18030, and improve text subtitle encoding handling
– Fixed some H264 MKV encounter wrong detection and unable to start playback issue
– Fixed SMB shortcut unable to take effect after reboot if Username and Password input with remote control issue
– Fixed 4K H264 playback no video output issue
– Fixed certain MKV PGS unable to show subtitle issue
– Fixed some PGS subtitle entries display too fast issue
– Added bitrate changing info for BD, DVD and M2TS issue
– Added audio and subtitle language indicator for M2TS and bdlite
– Fixed some SRT has long subtitle entry showing extra empty lines after word wrapping handling issue
– Fixed MKV and MP4 encounter random crash when first start or stop playback issue
– Fixed some text based subtitle may cause framework crash issue
– Fixed 720p24 clip play in tvmode 720p60 instead of 1080p24 when external video scaler is on issue
– Fixed DVD without video_ts folder unable to start playback issue
– Fixed 3D BDISO unable to continue playback after iframe forward or backward issue
– Fixed UTF8 text subtitle display style at wrong segment position issue
– Fixed unable to access NMJ through file browser issue
– Fixed some DVDLITE playback has no audio output issue
– Added language indicator on subtitle menu for DVD and MKV
– Fixed filename with xml escaped symbol unable to start playback issue
– Fixed SACD ISO with unknown title or artist cause framework reboot when playback twice consequently issue
– Fixed certain MKV PGS with heavy animated effects cause buffering issue
– Fixed wrong chinese translation for subtitle track issue
– Fixed SRT with an9 tag causing framework reboot when adjust y position issue
– Added italic, bold, underline and color tag handling for SMI
– Fixed color tag unable to display properly for certain languages issue
– Fixed sometimes unable to retrieve weather information correctly in Setup Wizard issue
– Fixed MKV invoke closing PGS function in text base subtitle playback issue
– Force system to perform clean reboot instead of restart framework when framework crash
– Fixed MKV which has forced subtitle unable to start playback if forced subtitle only option is selected
– Fixed certain MKV with SRT subtitle playback cause framework reboot issue
– Integrated new Sigma Designs SDK with playback engine and HDMI driver update
– Fixed some DVDLITE has wrong sequence of audio streams issue
– Fixed some MKV PGS subtitle entries display too fast issue
– Fixed some MKV x264 playback has no video display issue
– Fixed some zlib compressed PGS subtitle stream unable to display properly issue
– Fixed APE version greater than 3.99 unable to start playback issue
– Fixed DVDLITE unable to go to the next chapter with info bar turn on issue
– Fixed showing exclamation mark and unable to display lite menu when select same DVDLITE title issue
– Fixed DVDLITE get video freeze forever after seek till end of the clip issue
– Fixed DVDLITE title menu subtitle selection issue
– Fixed some JPG crash in zoom transition issue
– Fixed MKV encounter crash when repeat playback issue
– Fixed unable to set device name without NMT app installed issue
– Fixed MKV audio menu show undetermined for und tag issue
– Fixed DVD show wrong elapsed time after seek and sometimes playback from beginning when perform 10% or 20% seek issue
– Fixed MKV encounter crash when manually turn on external text subtitle issue
– Fine tuned MMS prebuf and underrun buffer
– Fixed SMB share showing invalid login after removing username and password in edit share
– Enhanced handling for DVDLITE module
– Update to new kernel to support SSD formatting and MMC 5.0
– Optimized PGS subtitle rendering speed to support special PGS subtitle effect
– Fixed video with framerate 25fps output wrong tv mode when external video scaler turned on issue
– Added MMS Internet Radio support
– Fixed MP3 Internet Radio streaming issue
– Fixed for some APE playback cause framework crash and some APE with ID3 tag unable to start playback issue
– Fixed for APE with ID3 tag unable to get metadata info issue
– Fixed for some MKV VOBSUB unable to display subtitle issue
– Fixed for some SACD ISO unable to perform seek issue
– Added Genre and Channels info for get_current_aod_info API
– Added language indication for BD or DVD or MKV Audio menu switching
– Fixed for some DVD ISO encounter crash at starting of playback issue
– Fixed FLAC ID3 album art not displayed in Music Home issue
– Always show device name option at preference settings
– Fixed unable to save username or password when edit samba shared issue
– Added MKV audio default flag handling