Firmware Popcorn Hour A500Pro: Beta 2 01-05-160810-25-POP

Hướng dẫn cài đặt firmware

1. Giải nén và copy tất cả file vào thư mục gốc của USB
2. Căm USB vào đầu HD 4K Popcorn
3. Chọn Setup->Maintenance-> Firmware Update và bấm Enter vào nút “Check For Firmware Update.
4. Nếu file a500pro-update.bin được tìm thấy trong USB, tiến trình cập nhật sẽ bắt đầu

Firmware này sửa các lỗi liên quan đến việc phát hình. Một vài tính năng mới được thêm vào như tính năng MMS Internet radio, đánh dấu track âm thanh khi phát phim MKV cho những lần xem sau.

Release Notes:
– Fixed MKV encounter crash when repeat playback issue
– Fixed unable to set device name without NMT app installed issue
– Fixed MKV audio menu show ‘undetermined’ for ‘und’ tag issue
– Fixed DVD show wrong elapsed time after seek and sometimes playback from beginning when perform 10% or 20% seek issue
– Fixed MKV encounter crash when manually turn on external text subtitle issue
– Fine tuned MMS prebuf and underrun buffer
– Fixed SMB share showing invalid login after removing username and password in edit share
– Adjust IR remote control responsiveness
– Enhanced handling for DVDLITE module
– Update to new kernel to support SSD formatting and MMC 5.0
– Optimized PGS subtitle rendering speed to support special PGS subtitle effect
– Fixed video with framerate 25fps output wrong tv mode when external video scaler turned on issue
– Added MMS Internet Radio support
– Fixed MP3 Internet Radio streaming issue
– Fixed for some APE playback cause framework crash and some APE with ID3 tag unable to start playback issue
– Fixed for APE with ID3 tag unable to get metadata info issue
– Fixed for some MKV VOBSUB unable to display subtitle issue
– Fixed for some SACD ISO unable to perform seek issue
– Added Genre and Channels info for get_current_aod_info API
– Added language indication for BD or DVD or MKV Audio menu switching
– Fixed for some DVD ISO encounter crash at starting of playback issue
– Fixed FLAC ID3 album art not displayed in Music Home issue
– Always show device name option at preference settings
– Fixed unable to save username or password when edit samba shared issue
– Added MKV audio default flag handling